This strain of mushroom spores from Brazil comes from a very magical place, the Amazon rain forest. This strain of cubensis grows quite easily in the NW region of Brazil near the Venezuela border, stretching all the way in to Venezuela throughout the many ranches. This author has friends that live there and they tell me during the rainy season (which is most of the year) lots of “gringos” come to their ranches walking around collecting trash bags full of mushrooms! What’s interesting is not many of local young adults are educated on picking psilocybe mushrooms, but many gringos come mushroom hunting. Technically they don’t grow right in the rain forest, but on the fringes where the cattle and horse ranches are. The shaman indians that live in the nearby rain forest also use them in their spiritual ceremonies along with ayahausca. Many gringos take trips in to the rain forest to eat the sacred mushrooms and drink ayahausca for a spiritual adventure. This author once attempted a trip to stay with the indians for 3 days to experience the ayahausca but I was stricken with food poisoning for 10 days and never made it in the forest where the native indians live. None the less it was fun collecting mushrooms and spores in such a beautiful and tropical land. Although I would SERIOUSLY not recommend it these days as Venezuela has become extremely dangerous.

This strain of cubensis thrives in these lands, thus gringo’s could easily pick bags full. As you can see from the pictures this strain spreads a lot of mushrooms in a small space. Rumor around the cows camp fire is this cubenis is above average in potency. We carry spores for 2 different strains of cubensis from Brazil, the Corumba Brazil and this “Brazil” strain. They both look beautiful under a microscope so you be the judge.

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